Costs and Finances

Your donation will help our educators create more content for our Awareness Program for white allies. All of our educators are people of color and are paid $100 an hour for creating, planning, prepping, and teaching their courses. Here is the breakdown:

  • To create each hour of a course, it takes roughly 10 hours for an educator to plan, organize, and identify or create materials.
  • To run the program, we pay teachers for 4 hours to teach their 2 hour course/s. This is to compensate the time to prepare and set up for their class, transportation costs, and some extra availability before and after the meeting.

Using seed money from San Diego County and the San Diego Episcopal Diocese, we have completed our first module on the Kumeyaay, and are in the process of creating modules 2 and 3 on Border/Immigration issues and Anti-Black Racism.

Your generous donation will help us bring our Critical Awareness content to the folks who need and want to hear it. Thank you!


Help Us Bring People Together

Your generous donation will be used to compensate our Black, Kumeyaay, and Latinx educators.