Costs and Finances

This program will cost around $12,000 to create and $3,600 to run. All of our teachers are paid $100 an hour for creating, planning, prepping, and teaching their courses. Here is the breakdown:

  • To create each hour of a course, it takes roughly 10 hours for an educator to plan, organize, identify or create materials, and so forth. We have 12 hours of courses to make, so that’s 120 hours of work and $12,000.
  • To run the program, we will pay teachers for 4 hours to teach their 2 hour course/s. This is to compensate the time to prepare and set up for their class, transportation costs, and some extra availability before and after the meeting. This adds up to $2,400. Salaam seeks an additional $1,200 to pay for guest speakers and occasional co-teachers and to cover any miscellaneous costs.

Having raised around $4,000 so far, we are aiming to raise the remaining $8,000 to create the program. Any additional support will go to running the program itself. Funding has already come from San Diego County and the San Diego Episcopal Dioceses. We also envision funding coming from participants themselves, but would not exclude people based on financial ability.


Help Us Bring People Together

Your generous donation will be used to compensate our Black, Kumeyaay, and Latinx educators.