Creating mutual understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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A world without fear of Islam.

Salaam creates friendship and mutual understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. We are a secular, nonpartisan organization that brings people together to overcome fear.


Helping people understand the peaceful mainstream of Islam, rather than the extremism that dominates the headlines.

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People to People

Bringing Muslims and non-Muslims together over dinner or during mosque visits in the USA.

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Experiential Travel

Opportunities to experience Islam during guided visits to Muslim-majority countries.

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“Most Americans have no idea what Islam is really about. And people fear what they don’t know.”

-Steve Slocum, Founder & President

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  • In a world full of division, ignorance, and hate, Steve's organization builds the bridge of peace with education and fellowship as we share our stories and work for the common good.
    Joseph Dirbas
    Rector, All Souls' Episcopal Church, San Diego

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