Bringing people together.
Creating friendship and mutual understanding.
interfaith dialog, peacemaking organizations, hate crimes

Bringing people together.
Creating friendship and mutual understanding.

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Salaam’s Three-Step Program for Mutual Understanding

COVID-19 Update: Salaam’s in-person event program is suspended until further notice. We are transitioning to a virtual/video event format. Please scroll to the bottom of the page in order to subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of Salaam event updates.

Update: We are kicking off a virtual small group network called, Real Friends, Real Community, in October. Click here to learn more.

Awareness Events

We facilitate interactive workshops at community groups, churches, and civic clubs. Our Muslim speakers cover the basics of Islam and answer the tough questions about the role of women, jihad, and Sharia Law.


Mosque Visits

Non-Muslims often think they are not welcome in a Mosque, and may have fears and misconceptions about what takes place inside. Salaam facilitates first-time mosque visits for individuals and groups. We’ll prep you for the cultural nuances and walk you through your first time visit. If the imam’s schedule permits, we’ll get a full tour.


People to People

Salaam brings people together for meaningful interaction:

  • Friendship dinners
  • Discussion groups
  • Social outings
  • Service projects 
  • Singles and young professionals meetups

Announcing the launch of Real Friends, Real Community – a virtual small group network.

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Your $50 donation will help Salaam facilitate an Awareness Event. Your $100 donation will help us host a Friendship Dinner.


“Many Americans have never healed from the trauma of 9/11. Others have misconceptions about Islam fed by media coverage of extremists.”

-Steve Slocum, Founder & President

Help us address America’s 9/11 trauma
  • “I was so excited to hear for the first time a non-Muslim explain my religion correctly!!!”
    Rasha T.
    Muslim woman
  • Salaam is the bridge to mutual understanding and respect through education and interaction.  Sometimes one does not know where to begin when seeking a broader kinship with those of different backgrounds, Salaam provides the unique experience to close the gap, to bring people together.”
    Tama Becker-Varano
    Founder and Director, Change Begins with ME
  • “Kudos to Steve for his dedication and commitment to bridging positive and meaningful relationships between Muslims and Non-Muslims!  Salaam is a wonderful example of how to embrace our diversity and promote peace and justice in our world!”
    Christy Bantugan-Bohan
    Founder and Director, Pax Christi San Diego
  • In a world full of division, ignorance, and hate, Salaam builds the bridge of peace with education and fellowship as we share our stories and work for the common good.
    Joseph Dirbas
    Rector, All Souls' Episcopal Church, San Diego

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