Siddika Jessa

Advisory Board Member

Comfortably Uncomfortable, Trainer/Facilitator, IT professional

Siddika has held a senior executive leadership position in Information Technology Operations for 15 years. She combines her IT leadership experience with a strong background in Emotional Intelligence. Siddika is a certified trainer/facilitator of EQ and self-development tools and practices to empower, engage, and enhance individual and team development with a vision to building a healthy organization. Her vision is to create inclusive and vibrant teams.

Siddika comes from a Khoja Muslim Indian family and was raised within an extended family grounded with religion and values. Born in East Africa, and before her first birthday, her family moved as refugees to Pakistan where she received her early education. At the age of 13 she moved with her family to London, UK where as a teenager, she experienced her first understanding of discrimination. Finally, to Canada where she has lived most of her adult life and has been blessed with the title of a Mother. Living within a multicultural world, her perspective and understanding were continually challenged. Faith, value and internal beliefs collided many times before she was able to find her way to live a courageously authentic life. She is thankful to her supportive family as she learnt hard lessons and for her children who have provided her with different perspective and growth.

Siddika sat at the table of leadership as an Office bearer of a faith based organization comprised of 10,000 members. The organization comprises of only 1% women in a leadership role. She started her role as a volunteer in 2009 and on July 2017, she resigned her position. The organization no longer aligned with her values of inclusiveness and authentic living. It was a moment of despair in her life. She had found great joy in giving back to the community and felt like she was making a difference in representing the voice of youth and  women. She resigned because she chose to support her son in marrying his long time partner. She chose the role of a Mother. This is the role where she has learnt the most important lessons of her life.

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