The Portrait Series

Everyday American Muslims share their stories

Salaam is working towards producing a documentary video series with exponentially greater reach than our current programs. It’s called The Portrait Series – Eight documentary vignettes that feature American-Muslims in intimate, personal detail. Here’s our first episode:

By building empathy, challenging stereotypes, and closing the knowledge gap about Islam, The Portrait Series will contribute to our vision of a world without Islamophobia.

In The Portrait Series, you’ll meet 8 Muslim-Americans from across the country – both the extraordinary and the ordinary. Meet an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights, a talented genre-defying musician, an aspiring politician, and a young single navigating the complexities of online dating.

Through it all, we’ll show that Muslims in America are not a monolith, and that the individuals – with all their flaws, eccentricities, and unique traits – are essential threads in the fabric of American society.

About the Director

Nathan Johnson is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, designer, and communications strategist for social change.

He creates compelling content that drives fundraising and advocacy efforts.

Driven by a passion for social equity, Nathan has traveled to over 40 countries, using video and design to catalyze action. His clients include The United Way, The United Nations Development Programme, Engineers Without Borders, and Sustainable Harvest International.

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The Portrait Series

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