Salaam Diversity Community

“At the end of the day, we’re just two people having a conversation, and our lives are very similar”


COVID-19 UPDATE: Salaam is transitioning our in-person, people-to-people event series into a virtual format. We’re excited to announce the upcoming kickoff (Sept/Oct) of a groundbreaking video community group:

Real Friends, Real Community

The idea for this group was borne out of Salaam’s commitment to encourage people to move out of their comfort zones and meaningfully connect with those of other faiths, ethnicities, age ranges, gender and sexual identities, etc. Group members will be handpicked such that each group will have no two people from the same demographic. Group size will be limited to about 12 to ensure that meaningful connection is possible. We invite you to click the button to learn more about becoming a part of this community-building project.


or email Salaam to interact directly with our staff.