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Real Friends, Real Community

An intentionally diverse small group network that connects only on the basis of our common humanity

Imagine being part of a small community of people that love each other, respect one other, listen to each other, learn from one another, share vulnerably with one another and serve our world together.  And imagine this community consists of 12 or so people, no two of whom come from the same demographic, whether religious affiliation or non-affiliation, ethnicity, nationality, age, ability, gender/sexual identity, skin color, eye shape, etc. Imagine if this one little group flourished and spread from one community to the next, modeling for our world how to love and respect and learn from one another, as we intentionally come together in celebration of the diversity that surrounds us. Our world is in desperate need of such revolutionary love that sees every human as invaluable and irreplaceable, focusing on our common humanity rather than our superficial differences.

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