Community building activities, interfaith dialogue

Building communities – one relationship at a time.

Cutting-edge community building activities to promote interfaith dialog and inter-cultural friendship.

Many forces are driving us apart into fortresses of familiarity. We are naturally drawn to connect with those who are most like us. The chasms between us are growing at an alarming rate. Chasms defined by race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender and sexual identity, ability, education, income – so many divisions.

Salaam exists to occupy the spaces between the divisions. We bring people together.

We have well-developed community building activities that bridge the chasms and bring dissimilar groups together to find their common humanity.

Salaam’s Community Building Activities

  • Awareness

    interfaith dialogue, community building activities

    Awareness Events

    A first-level introduction. For example, we bring Muslim speakers to a church to talk about their faith and answer questions.

    Content for our Awareness Events is built around our founder’s award-winning book, Why Do They Hate Us? Making Peace with the Muslim World.


  • Real Friends, Real Community

    Interfaith dialog, community building activities, peacemaking strategies

    We operate under the notion that it is possible for us to find meaningful connection outside of our groups of familiarity – a connection that is based only on our common humanity. Our ground-breaking, intentionally diverse community-group network Real Friends, Real Community is demonstrating this.


  • Experiential Travel

    Experiential Travel

    (Note: Our travel program is suspended until further notice pending COVID-19 mitigation.

    Travel can be a powerful tool for learning and growth. We carefully guide tours to Muslim-majority countries, so non-Muslims can experience the rich cultures, traditions, and faith that the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims hold. We’re intentional about creating experiences that are culturally sensitive and personally enriching.

    Read about our upcoming trip to Morocco

Community building has never been more important.

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