Would you like to meet your BIPOC neighbors?


The majority of white Americans have never set foot in a Black, Hispanic, Native American, or an Asian Church. They’ve certainly never been to a mosque, a Sikh Gudhwarah, or a Hindu temple. This is normal. We gravitate towards those with whom we’re culturally comfortable.

But since the murder of George Floyd, white Americans have undergone a profound awakening to the reality of our nation’s underpinnings in the enslavement of Blacks, and the genocide of Native Peoples. We’ve become aware of our “White Fragility,” and the fact that we’ve lived our entire lives in an unconscious atmosphere of privilege that has left us oblivious to the daily realities experienced by people of color.

Salaam wants to help change that atmosphere of privilege by bringing BIPOC folks from within or near your community to tell their stories and interact with the members of your church or community group. Just a simple human connection can make a huge difference. We’ve had profound success with this program. People love it!

We need your help to organize more interactions. Do you want to help your church or community group become better BIPOC allies in the struggle for racial equity? Please reach out to us using the form below and we’ll get right back to you to talk about bringing one of our events to your group.

Note: Live events are suspended pending clearance by state authorities. We expect this to be in the Sept. 2021 timeframe so are currently organizing for that timeframe.

I would like someone to contact me about having an event at my organization: