Would you like to meet your Muslim neighbors?


The majority of Americans say they know “little or nothing” about Islam, and have never met a Muslim. And when they see something about Islam on TV or social media, it’s usually something about the extremist version, or outright misinformation.

We want to change that. We’ll bring real Muslims from your community to tell their stories and interact with the members of your church or neighborhood group. Just a simple human connection can make a huge difference. We’ve had profound success with this program. People love it!

We need your help to make it happen. All you need to do is connect us with the right people in your church or community group. We’ll do the rest.

Please fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you to get the ball rolling.

    Islam’s roots are as a sweeping social justice movement.

    Islam IS a religion of peace.

    The Quran teaches that women and men are equal in God’s eyes.

    interfaith dialog, peacemaking organizations, hate crimes

    Setting the record straight

    The overwhelming majority of the world’s 1.7 billion Muslims share the same values that are common to humanity everywhere – and long for a peaceful and prosperous life for their families.


    In addition to covering the basics, our Awareness Events address the hard questions about jihad, sharia law, and the role of women. Our online (and soon to return to in-person) events feature both Muslim and non-Muslim speakers, group interaction, and plenty of time for Q & A.

    Salaam’s first workshop took place during Ramadan 2018 at All Souls’ Episcopal Church in San Diego. A packed house of over 80 people attended, hearing presentations from leaders like Marwa Abdalla and Salaam Founder Steve Slocum.  The event closed with a warm friendship dinner and a vigorous question & answer session.

    Salaam is religiously unaffiliated – our goal is only to foster peace and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

    • In a world full of division, ignorance, and hate, Salaam builds the bridge of peace with education and fellowship as we share our stories and work for the common good.
      Joseph Dirbas
      Rector, All Souls' Episcopal Church, San Diego


    or email Salaam to schedule an event for your church, business, or civic group.